Corporate Executive Services

Building a more brilliant future.

A great success story always begins with a great plan—and Chequers can help create yours. We understand there’s no one-size- fits all solution for a busy executive. That’s why our unique philosophy and strategic approach is custom-tailored to your individual needs to help you attain your goals.

  • Vision

    While most firms shy away from a tax and analytical approach, we boldly embrace it. Why? Quite simply, most firms do not have the technical depth to work with executives with complex finances. More important, we see money as something practical. Therefore, we believe you have to look at it through a comprehensive planning lens, and its importance cannot be understated. From stock options to deferred compensation planning, our expertise in tax allows us to shine a light on maximizing employee benefits.

  • Insight

    Handling high-net wealth requires intellectual discourse and an open exchange of ideas. While the temptation to go a more common, well-worn path may be great, Chequers dives deep into complex financial nuances and meticulously strives for exceptional solutions. As your trusted partner, we’re bold enough to hold up the mirror and challenge on what’s the right thing to do. Because achieving your goals is of paramount import.